I was thinking about you earlier
and the way your smile reaches your eyes
such lovely eyes, very warm and sparkly
and although I never thought to say it
it is partly what makes you so beautiful

Oh yes you are, but you won't see it
you focus on the things you hate I know
because I've been doing that self same thing
for more years than I can remember
and yet you think you don't which is odd

You say these fine words and I do hear you
but your actions belie what you've said
and there's the way you move to minimise
what should never need to be hid
under wraps or makeup or any some such

I think the physical is not where it's at
certainly not when judging self worth
when I try to think of the qualities I admire
it's kindness, tenderness, generosity
and so your beauty transcends you

And yet is you at the same time
there's no getting away from the way
that your smile lights up your face
or the way you laugh at a strangers joke
or the gentle softness of your voice


  1. i think i know which person this is about - its the sparkly eyes that gave it away!

  2. well it's actually about two people but you aren't far wrong. I have rarely seen eyes that sparkle with a mixture of such kindness and yet also such mischief at the same time ... shhhh ... don't tell will you?