A slip of paper

Did you see that? No ... over there.
Yes her ... bloody hell .. what a state eh?
There's a woman staggering along the High street
on a Saturday afternoon when I'm out for a walk
she kind of falls into the road and stops a car
hurling abuse at a somewhat confused driver.

I'm thinking of passing on by, none of my business
but then she turns towards me and I meet her eye
or I think I do, but it's a bit hard to tell
she's quite far gone this strange woman in blue.
I call across to her "do you fancy a cup of tea"
and she sneers but still she stumbles over to me.

I say how bout the cafe it's just over there
and so off we wander and I feel people staring
I am looking for a piece of paper and a pencil
as I know what I say now will mean so little
and I'm not that great at chatting on the whole
but I want to help in some way if I can.

See this strange woman in blue could easily be
someone I know, christ it could even be me
I've been known to overindulge myself at times
and I don't always completely remember things done
So I want to give this woman some glimmer of hope
So I scribble down how to get on to Bright Eye.

I saw her again the other day .. same street funny
No-one was staring this time, nothing to see
Just two women walking along and she saw me
and said do I know you? So I said no not really
I just helped you out a while back and we drank tea
She hadn't a clue who I was and that was fine by me.

Next time I saw her was in the food shop
when we were hunting through the bargain shelf
and she looked up and smiled in a bleary kind of way.
So I smiled back and handed over a slip of paper
Because I've learnt my lesson and keep some on me
as you never know when you'll see someone drowning.

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