Update from Jos-Land

As always time has gotten away from me. Suddenly it feels autumnal and we have had our first frost of the season already. I am well. It's funny how when the chips are down and I don't have time for introspection I feel mentally quite well, even whilst feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.

Mum's chemo has been suspended as her liver function is not good enough just now to continue. So whilst she actually feels better through not having the chemo, the outlook is less positive. We are enjoying some family time as my oldest brother is visiting from Canada along with his eldest daughter who is here for an exchange year as part of her graduate programme. It is good to spend time together although the tinge of sadness is an ever present back-drop.

We will be harvesting 4 frames worth of honey after all which is quite exciting news. As a novice bee-keeper I have never harvested honey but we have already done the hardest bit which is separating the bees from their cache! It is an absorbing and interesting hobby. I am so thankful to have Johns many decades of experience to call upon. He looks very jaunty at the moment having just celebrated his 82nd birthday. I bought him a rather dashing bow-tie which he has taken to wearing with some alacrity. Mum is not so impressed but we are secretly very pleased with ourselves nonetheless. T'is important to keep some small measure of positivity going despite going through difficult times.

Trev is going back into hospital this coming week for further tests. All in all though I think he is doing OK although naturally enough we are both feeling the strain of waiting for tests and test results in roughly equal measure. Nothing moves as quickly as we'd like in these circumstances.

I am learning a beautiful song on my battered old guitar at the moment. Dar Williams - If I Wrote You it's called.

Have a listen. The guitar in this is just lovely isn't it?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWFXQssS-M