Four legged friends

There was a time when I knew diddly-squat. As I recall though I felt super smart ... pretty much as far back as I remember I've felt reasonably smart ... well if you discount knowing diddly-squat that is. This is a picture of me as a girl. I look kind of happy don't I? My trousers are patched and too short ... as is my shirt by the looks of things. Funny ... I didn't think we were badly off when I was little. And obviously there was a time when I was NOT scared of dogs. I look kind of relaxed here.

I don't remember much from my childhood. The bits I do remember are not of happy times. I think I spent a fair amount of the time "absent" ... there physically but elsewhere in my head. I look at photos of me back then and I don't connect at all. She looks so much more sure of herself than I ever remember feeling.

This week I have been dog sitting. Yes me!!!!!! My sister was desperate and I am a softie and no mistake. So I have been looking after Sasha and it has been a total delight.  I think I might be becoming a doggie lover after all.

Life here is OK. Mums hair is falling out which has made her sad ... and scared. Even so she is readying herself for the inevitable and has bought a rather splendid looking wig. Her pic line is giving her some jip and she has feeling unwell much of this last week.  On the up-side she is starting to re-gain a little weight despite her appetite continuing to be poor. We are trying new and interesting foods ... and lots of deserts ... this is no time to be shy with the ice-cream!!!

Hmmm bit of a hodge podge post. I have less and less time it seems and perhaps that is a good thing but I miss blogging that's for sure. xx Jos