No verse today.

Just wanted to tell you about something that happened earlier on. I was driving over to my sisters place to help out with the boys for a few hours. It's been a sunny day so typical of late summer here in England. I was driving through a nearby village caught up in a queue behind a slow moving tractor. In no great rush I was quite happy to crawl along. Up ahead I saw two young girls sitting by the curb waving at the passing cars. Nothing better to do than brighten up other peoples day I guess. Eventually it came to my turn and of course I smiled merrily waving back. Got an extra wide smile and a thumbs up in return from one of the little girls.

Then it dawned on me. The other drivers hadn't bothered to wave ... or smile ... or wave and smile ... or wave and smile and actually mean it. My reward of a thumbs up was both a cause of happiness and small sadness. As grown ups we have a lot to think about. Kids don't get that. They shouldn't have to. It's partly what's supposed to be great about childhood. Anyway, I'm glad I waved and smiled and meant it. And I'm glad that kids still have time to wave at passing cars.

Does this seem frivolous? Maybe it is. Life is pretty tough going at the moment and so smiles are an extra special gift. At least so it seems to me. xx Jos