I look at you now all grown up
and I see the baby still
and the young girl, teenager, woman
of course I see them too
and I remember how soft it felt
to hold you way back then
and waggle my eyes at you
to make you gurgle make you smile

I have a picture of us somewhere
sitting side by side
you leaning right into me and smiling
and I hold it so dear
because of that complete lack of fear
that utter confidence in me
so that no matter what happened
I would somehow always catch you

And I've tried to live up to that
being there and being true
watching and learning as much as you
I hope you didn't guess
that I hadn't much clue
I gave what I could and without care
and now there's something in you
some day a remembrance of me

You'll think I've gone soft in the head
if I tell you my heart swells
when I see you hugging small brothers
and the light in your face
the simple enjoyment of embrace
says so much to me of you
and it really is such a comfort
to know you are so fully grown

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