the thing

that's the thing about intensity
it's scary
and if it's that way for me,
how much more so for others
don't talk
take it inside and push the lid down

that's the thing about talking
let go
will it be too much, i'll fall apart
better not then, keep silent
or become different to who you are

that's the thing about thinking
it's deep
it opens doors to dark corners
and I so want to run away
not me
Am I brave enough to go there

that's the thing about feeling
too hard
when once it starts it won't stop
like a play running its course
no end
and yet it's not a foreign land

that's the thing about healing
but still, let's make a start
a work in progress perhaps
I'm me
some day that will be enough

that’s the thing about intensity
it hurts
it almost makes things seem worse
like a mountain, a high up cliff
jump off
fly into the eye of the storm

that's the thing about writing
it helps
it lets me say without saying
skirt around the edges of it
but still
the meaning is there when I look

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