I'm sitting in this chair and she says to relax
and think of a safe place that I know
somewhere where I have been truly happy
so I'm thinking of that maple tree I used to climb
where I'd hide up high in the top branches
shielded by the leaves waving in the wind

I'd go right up as far as I could climb
with my books in a bag and my carton of juice
and stay there reading and just looking around
knowing Mum would never think of looking up
which is good as she would have a hissy fit
to see me ruining yet another home made dress

So I'm as relaxed as I know how to be now
and she say it's all OK we can start to look back
because I am only looking, I'm here and not there
and we start stepping back and first it's OK
but when Ron appears it all starts to whirl
I try to stay in my tree and just look, but I fall

Whilst falling something strange occurs I get stuck
Between here and there and also the chair
which causes some panic to come into her voice
so now I feel scared and not at all secure
and that's what happens when your safe place
is too high up and you forget to hang on tight.

So it's not just about having a safe place at all
and she wants us to have maybe one more go
this regression can help in ways that I need
but to do so will require a huge leap from me
and I'm starting to wonder if I'm up to it at all
especially if the after effects carry on like this

The dreams are back and oh how, they are
and the night time is something I dread
the days aren't much better when I think on it
is all this really the process of getting well?
I'm not so sure, you know, I think I might stop
and try to stick the lid back on ... tight.

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