I know a secret

Lets try it.

Take my hand my friend and lets look at these storms
harsh thoughts
terrible, really just unbearable pressures
awful self recriminations whirling around with such violence
it seems pretty daunting I know

But wait
look in that direction
does the storm seem just a little bit less turbulent there?
lets walk in that direction
and so we can press on and find the eye in these storms

A place where we'll be aware of the storm but not feel its force.
We can rest there
the storms are not gone,
but we can gather our strength,
we can cry and laugh.

We can look at the things that are whirling around
and use our rational mind to plan a way forward.
We can gather our inner strength once more
it hasn't disappeared my friend
just rest for a bit more if you can't find it right now.

Eventually we will sense when the time is right
we can look at the storms,
and spot the area where the turbulence is not so severe,
and head off once more
renewed by the rest, the companionship

The storm will not be as bad as we thought
the struggle will not be as wearying
the sunshine is beckoning us forward
to that calmer place
outside the storms.

We can live in that place
it is inside our heads
and it will sustain us
give us an insight into other realms
even whilst we live in the real world.


  1. i am going to print this out and keep it near me.

  2. I sent this in a letter to a friend who was struggling to see a way forward ... and do you know what she said? ... that she would print it out and keep it near her.

    It was like a gift in return, and I still treasure the fact that she said it. And now you have too which is just so special.

  3. This will always be a favourite of mine and helped me through very difficult times.

    Thanks ananymous you for writing it.