A late evening

You make smoking look quite glamorous
and that is exactly the right word
that I used to describe you to a friend
There's something about an eastern european accent
that makes everyday conversation more interesting
and when you talk I am listening to more than the way you talk
Honestly I am

We stay up very late in your kitchen
drinking coffee which is odd in itself
as I almost never drink it when at home.
But it fits so well and we can't drink wine we two
as we've both discovered to our individual cost
yet it doesn't halt the flow of thoughts or words between us at all
Which is nice

The ideas you have about life and it's meaning
escape me at first as I'm looking from here
and really I need to wander around to the other side
and look from quite a different perspective
and not just look but also trust my intuition
which is something I've learnt to mis-trust over these many years
Quite unlike you.

I say that some of these ideas are borne of charlatans
masquerading as Givers and yet they're empty
and use empty words and promises to suck us in
to a world where promises are made but not delivered
and people's vulnerabilities become currency
to be traded and trampled on in ways I find treacherous
which makes me sad

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