Smile thoughts

I love the fact that
what we say to one another
wouldn't make any sense at all to others
and I just love the fact
that you smile sometimes
that I've caught your eye

I like to talk of crocodiles
and froggie and bear knowing
that no-one could ever guess that peru
is what I say when I feel cold
because then only you will know
and offer me your coat

I wonder if you know
what joy I feel sometimes
just from knowing that you are mine
and whilst there are changes
there is something essentially
always the same in you

I look over and see the man
that said hello my lovely wife
and try to find a way to store this instant
a tiny fragment in my life
that shines like a flame
in that quiet tranquil place

You are truly my Valentine
my rock in lifes harsh storms
although I know it's all to easy to forget
that rocks have edges too
bloody hell they do indeed
but what heart eh ... what heart

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