Emotive Words

Uh oh
there it is
out in the open
can't be unsaid or re-wound
it's the honesty game

So scared
fear rises
can't be undone now or taken back
I look, no I peak just quickly
to see your face

oh not that
I can take most things really
well other than kindness
yes pity too

that I get
I feel the sense of things gone
things never had perhaps
like childhood

And rage
that I get
it scares me how white it burns
contained within me and yet
it leaks out

hardest one
least acceptable in its affects
undermines me at every turn
where is peace?

easier now
space to think and drown my dreams
wasting time again I see
precious life

there it is
why am I not allowed to say it
that this is me right now
was me then.

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