Having a soak

I've been thinking about peace
and of tranquility too
and wondering how one finds it
and if having found it once
can the same path be used again
or is it somewhere new each time

I've tried looking at flames
and at clouds drifting by
it works to a certain degree
I've walked by rivers and under trees
I've thought and I've not thought
Not so good at it though

And turmoil's not easily slain
it rushes back into my thoughts
I push back but peace is gone
such a fragile thing it seems
but I think I caught a glimpse
of what I was looking for just then.

I was sitting in the bath
sometimes a bubbly soak
can be one of the possible ways
as long as it's very quiet
and I empty my thoughts out
and float .. just drift away.

Bang on the door shit fuck
what is that? Phone call for me
and with it, that's that
Climb back into my skin
and tee shirt and jeans
got to face the dread again.

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