Draft letter (1)

This blank page has been staring at me for hours
I just can't think how to start
Dear Ron ... Dear Uncle Ron ...
Hello monster man, remember me?
Or if not me how about my brother
my quiet, oh so quiet brother
who locked eyes with mine to guard against
what you were busy doing
and who even now suffers such anguish
that you planted way back when
in those dark days we call childhood.

I remember you, yes remember very well
so don't look here for solace
mister monster man, remember me now?
A little girl who didn't understand
this game of secrets and pain.
Or why daddy was sitting there
and the music was on so loud.
But what you did I won't describe
in case it gives you pleasure still.
May you never have peace in this life
God have mercy on you, for I never will.

1 comment:

  1. the more i read of this the more i think you should write to him. but without a return address.