First date

I was wondering if you wanted to go for a meal
as friends of course
and with those words came a wealth of events as yet undreamed
at least not by me.
It was the start of everything.
What courage that took, and although I couldn't see it then
I can now.

And true to form it was that evening you meant
which was good for me
no time to go home and panic of what to wear, god forbid a dress
what a nightmare.
We went to a restaurant
And that very first evening you looked up and said that you loved me
Oh my word.

What was I supposed to say to this well rehearsed speech?
how could you love me
when all this time I have just been here working, just working.
Disaster loomed
I wanted to run away
But something in the way you held me, forced yourself to be still
And I knew.

It's more years ago now, more than I can quite remember
and you still love me
and with times passing I feel more comfortable in knowing that
I love you too
That I always did
So even when you go elsewhere in your head and leave me here lonely
I still know.

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