I remember you giving me your mittens
still warm from being on your hands
and I remember you looking out for me
coming home from kindergarten school
I remember the games that we used to play
and when no-one was looking we would whisper.

We developed a secret language based on looks
and little coughs, throat clearings and twitches
so that even now I look up when you do these.
And the look we exchange makes no mistake
I know that even now you remember this too
There's nothing quite like a sister is there?

It seems my whole life that I've known you
and no-one has been a better friend
it's not just based on the memories we share
You're incredible in a way I just can't explain
It's in the way that you instinctively sit
right next to me when I need to feel close.

And it's in the way you tease me about stuff
my obsessive need to follow instructions
or when I build lego although the boys aren't home.
And you sit on the sofa and chat whilst I do
as if this is the most ordinary thing going
or the extra hugs you send down the telephone.

Sometimes you ask if I have a minute to chat
and I know when it's my turn to listen
so I settle myself down close and silently wait
to hear you talk of what weighs on your your heart
No, don't you worry I won't write even here
what you shared with me on that somber day

But I want you to know that my promise still holds
and I meant every single word that I said
and if you ever need ... well you know what it is
Having a sister means you need never be scared
To tell me exactly what's needed just now
if it's humanly possible I'll do it, I will.

I won't go all mushy and soft which I hate
but I might just take this moment to say
as a sister you rock and as a best friend too
When you tell me you don't know what you would do
without me well the same goes twice for you
For you will always always be my little sister.

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