Why? (2nd)

I'm frightened
Noises downstairs
I can hear that man again
Oh my god, he is there

My brother
Hearing this
Hiding like me
It's happening, we know it
Please God make him go

Foot falls
Noise on the stairs
Whispers, struggles, gone
Hard hands, lifting, clutching

Down down
I'm trembling like you
Why did we not run
Too frozen too little too scared

Hands on us
Whispers and grunts
I can't look, I must look
Stay right here with you

I hear you
You hear me
I will you through
I see you, you see me
It's hard this, I know

Don't cry
It's over
Let's laugh and let's sing
We'll heal and we'll live
We can lose the past

I'll hug you
And you me
You'll look in my eyes
Hold ourselves together
You ask why

Oh God why
I will try
Rip out my heart and look deep inside
There'll be no answer
I don't know why

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