I love this time of year. Maybe it’s because I’m a morning person and it gets light so early as we approach midsummers day. I live not far from Stonehenge which is in a beautiful part of the UK. The gently rolling countryside combines naturally with the deep sense of history which is so apparent … not just in the stones, but the barrows (ancient burial mounds) that dot the landscape around here. You come across them all over this area and they just look like hills that have always been here. They remind me that people have walked this land for thousands of years.

It’s fantastic walking country and lockdown has given me the incentive to explore the walking routes a little further out from my usual stomping grounds. Walking and spending time outdoors is the new panacea for all ailments. As someone who lives with depression I’m all too aware that these “one size fits all” cures are not cures at all. Even so walking does help and the more I do it the more it helps. It’s not easy to motivate myself usually but with the nicer weather even that becomes less of an issue.

This last weekend we celebrated a family birthday. Oliver is 18! Blimey how does that happen? I mean I do know how it happens but it seems hardly any time since he was setting off to school as a youngster, and now he’s finished with school and taking a gap year before going off to university. Astonishing how time does that elastic thing … stretching and contracting in our perception whilst being consistent and linear in reality.

I love this young man as I loved the boy he once was. In my minds eye he remains much like that little chap with a twinkle in his eye and that wonderful shy smile … both things he still has.