Dear heart

Can I draw a circle around you?
protect you from all and sundry
I'd stand even against the gods
but will that make any difference
being only a mere mortal as I am

I stand, I make a stand beside you
I look to the skies and then I beg
for help where I cannot be myself
does it suffice ... this heartbreak
I fear not, but not because of you

I fear that such unworthy souls
are not heard, that their prayers
batter at heavens door in vain
and yet still I persist in asking
for some ease from your suffering

Can I tell you what I have learnt
in the course of our short friendship
I've learnt that some hearts open
perhaps at the least provocation
taking in souls, making them whole

You offered a love with no limits
do you even know how that feels
it's like an oasis in the parched desert
like a special kind of homecoming
and so I pray, hoping to ease your way

Looking now into the heavens
falling fervently onto my knees
I beseech on my dear hearts behalf
how can I not when it means so much
will you listen, grant this one prayer