Family ties

I remember that evening when after all these years
I had a glimpse of the true person you are
When you aren't being a mother or a wife that is
And it shook me a bit I must admit
Because beyond the politeness lies such sorrow
And the loneliness you spoke of moved me to tears

I looked over at you, and at your familiar face
I wondered how I could have missed all those signs
Of the terrible depths of aloneness you feel
Especially when spending time in our family
And there I can totally catch your drift
Because I feel that too when I'm not ignoring it

You said something about how sad you feel
When talking to me since you see him too
I can't help I look like him to a certain degree
Or that he hates to talk of deeper things
He is so comfortable with what can be seen
But emotions are not like that unfortunately.

So later on I take him for a drink
And gently try to broach the subject of talking
But only women do this and so I should just stop
And leave him to carry on as if all is well
But I must meddle further in order to try
And justify the trust of ... well both of them.

So I talk of myself and how hard it sometimes is
And he looks so shocked to be talking like this
But I persevere and take these huge risks
Because I love them so much and it's enough
I can almost see the light dawning in his eye
The knowledge it's not me I'm talking of at all.

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