Missing you

How does a year pass in a day
it seems that there is elasticity
at play
in the way that time passes

I remember you so well
I still think it will be you
when the phone rings
find myself storing jokes
to add to your collection
of tawdry bawdy wit
something more for you
to torture me with

Can you see my smile
I put it on for you
I am missing you
every day.


  1. I'm wondering what it is to live and die. It is more than body. It has to be. It has to be more than flesh and electrical synapse. Because just as it is for you, it is for me. We hold them to us. What we feel and know of them, is that not energy? Is not energy life? And so it feels very simple, they live in us.


  2. elasticity in time, i love that! i think you're right.

  3. wonderful. You captured the feeling so well.

  4. yehh time, it's a strange thing....
    elasticity, that opens up so much in my imagination; how the same amount can be long or short. but most of all maybe if we stretch the elastic, let go, in instant we are catapulted back.. in time.

  5. oh damn.

    you've written this so well the images wrap around my sorry feet, the same feet that can't seem to move anywhere but a certain spot in time.

    oh love.

    i'm glad to know you jos. that's for sure.