Soul rainbows.

I remember you telling me once
that if The Creator put it there,
then it must be in the right place
that our souls would have no rainbows
if our eyes had not shed many tears
you see I was listening after all

I will always miss you
the rich sound of your voice
the warm spontaneity of your smile
the twirl and swirl that you'd do
to show off a new dancing skirt
persuading me onto my own 2 left feet

No-one could ever make me dance but you
and I might get the hang of it yet
so that when I see you next
we can do the soft shoe shuffle again
perhaps I'll even have it perfected by then
do you think they allow dancing in heaven

I learnt a new phrase the other day
to use when special friend just won't do
heart-sister, what do you think of that
after all is said, still you know my heart
the unspoken things time did not allow
Gabriella I hear your voice still

Reminding me again of what you said
about us having rainbows in our souls
only if our eyes have shed many tears
I've always loved that simplicity in you
a sincere heart finding it's place in mine
so that now I have rainbows in my soul too


  1. oh, jos,
    i don't have the words

    they simply don't exist

    much love,

  2. erin is right, there is nothing that can be said. many hugs.

  3. That's beautiful - the tears we shed birth
    the rainbow in our souls. I'm so glad to
    have read that loveliness.

  4. I am sorry Jos. Your Gabriella sounds magical.

    Love Renee xxoxoox

  5. This is so beautiful and full of hope amidst the sadness, as if 'tis true, that what the catepillar thought was the end, the butterfly knew to be just the beginning. Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  6. this is quite an auspicious time for me to get to know you,jos. i am so sorry for your loss. i have loved a heart sister like this, and lost her too. i believe gabriella will settle into your wide heart and stay there forever.