Angels in the making

Some people are actually angels in the making
I don't mean the obvious ones, the saintly ones
although I suspect they might be angels too
but every once in while someone comes along
and makes your heart sing to a different tune
makes the world around you that bit brighter

And these I believe are angels in the making
people whose hearts are much larger than ours
who find space for almost complete strangers there
and then they wrap us up in such enveloping warmth
but more, they allow us to see the person within
by sharing their frailty they show their strength

You see these people know a secret kind of truth
perhaps because of it's simplicity it passes us by
and so what is this simple way of gaining wings
here I want you to pause and listen to your heart
take a moment to reflect and see if this truth
rings out for you as it has always done for me

It is only by opening and sharing our hearts
that our lives fill with the richness of love
it is only by risking rejection that we find love
it is only by finding a way to hope against all hope
that we can pool and share our innermost strengths
what angels in the making do best of all is share

You don't have to see them to know them either
sometimes not seeing lets the heart listen better
I have noticed that more than the usual sprinkling
of angels in the making are to be found on pages
a space where our hearts are freer to reach out
perhaps in some way we are all angels in the making.


  1. i believe you're 100% correct. i value those who make my heart sing, without asking, without knowing, they just do...

  2. this is utterly beautiful. you are an angel in the making, jos.

  3. Have you seen the movie "Blind Side". I never wanted it to end, for just these things you spoke of. When a diamond in the rough meets an angel, makes my soul sing.

  4. i understand every word, jos.

    i am glad we have met. we may have treasures to share...

    happy holidays ♥

  5. Beautiful Jos.

    Cheers to all the angels in the making.

    You will be okay, right?

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  6. i think it comes down to this, us all recognizing that on a basic level we are all flawed and yet all beautiful. i see it in you. i see it in people you draw around you. it is in the openness, as you say, the willing. it Is in us all, if we allow it.

    i do love that we see you now, Jos.

    now, fly.