Some days

Some days are worth remembering.
Three years sober today.
Three years of making at least one decent decision each and every day.
Yeah, not too shabby Jos.

Doesn't time fly ...


  1. very "not too shabby". very very good and impressive. Daily decisions add up don't they?

    I feel very proud to know you......

  2. my day is made!! a post from jos!

    congratulations, my dear friend. i have some years of sobriety on you, but every sober day is another day of clear windows and honest effort. three years is about the right amount of time to believe you're doing it.

    i wish we could click coffee cups :^)


  3. Congratulations Jos. I like the way you look at it. Three years of making at least one decent decision each day. That's a lot. More than I manage some days. Take care. Deb

  4. Jos honey, So very proud of you!!!! Love you dear one. xoxo

  5. Jos of a thousand days! how slow time passes and yet before you know it three years are wrapping themselves around the miracle and the courage that takes to make that miracle anew every day.
    If admiration and good feelings could be of any help, you know I leave mine right her for you, because that is really how I feel about those whose will power can make everything better for themselves and for others. And that is what sobriety is all about it, is it not? much love and gratitude for who you are.

  6. merry christmas, jos. please, walk beside me another year.

    love always

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