A Bit Of A Blow

Well we have come home from our camping trip unexpectedly early due to some inclement weather that played havoc with us ... and with our tent ...

... quite a "difficult" night was had with winds gusting up to force 9 but we came through relatively unscathed for which I am very thankful indeed. Trev was a total superstar and despite being soaked to the skin remained cheerful whilst we salvaged almost everything from the tent in the morning. We had had about an hours sleep all told. Normally this would precipitate loads of sniping and griping as we'd try to hold one another responsible for each of us feeling below par, I think we were both a bit subdued by the experience of sitting out gale force winds under a flimsy bit of cloth tied down with some rope and held up by a few fibre-glass poles.

Anyway it wasn't all gloom and doom by any means! There were some fantastic days on the beach with my two best surfer boy buddies ....

Oliver looking every inch of his newly 9 years of age ....

... and William looking so pleased with himself that just looking at him makes me feel warm inside. He is such a surfer boy you wouldn't believe the waves he wanted to try for!

Unfortunately my surfing days are behind me since my ear problems have affected my balance but not to worry as body boarding is a "no skill required" sport ... blimey I mustn't tell William that as he thinks himself highly skilled and who am I to argue with the flawless logic of a 6 year old?

All in all a jolly good time. I am glad to be home in one piece that's for sure.


  1. you look so great, jos.

    you are smiling more these days, yes?

    ps i can vividly imagine sitting in that tent with you!


  2. Sounds like a LOT of fun. That tent looks like the one my husband and I used to 'cuss' together when we were young. LOL! Your grandson is so handsome!! xo

  3. Jos,There is that smile again, you are so beautiful.
    Glad you weathered the storm and got some fun in.
    Beautiful boys too.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Love you.xoxo

  4. it does sound like fun, and you look terrific!

  5. I second everyone's assessment: you look great and because I have never gone camping in my life - my late brother in love used to say when I was very young that my parents didn't camp, that they "colonized" the place, and now that I am older I tend to agree with him. I must have missed something I am sure but taking into account what my Father used to say, I am not sure. He used to comment that my idea of roughing it up was a hotel without color tv. When you consider that I don't watch tv at all and haven't for over 30 years, that could be taken with a grain of salt.

    I too am so happy you are in one piece, and as you my surfing days are over, but I do enjoy watching others give in to the wave. Hugs from here.