Busy bee ... or rather bees

I realise that I am hardly ever here any more. It seems utterly ungrateful given how instrumental blogging has been in helping me to discover a sense of self I hardly knew existed before. Life is such a journey ... as they say.

We have recently received our new colony of bees at home. I can hardly wait to show you ... and don't you dare laugh at how silly I look in my bee suit! Pretty much everyone looks a bit silly in a bee suit though I guess.

OK, so now we've got over the laughing at Jos bit lets move on to the actual stars of the show ... the bees!

So there we are ... our bees look amazing don't they? They are so busy at this time of year, it's like Piccadilly Circus inside the hive, and with all the comings and goings it can be a bit scary just approaching the hive to take a peek to make sure all is well. It's so exciting being a beekeeper, and John my stepdad is like a man with a new lease of life since we re-established our beekeeping activities.

I hope all is well with you in your world. 19 months sober today and I believe I am making some progress after all. Warmest hugs xx Jos


  1. what i see most of all is the smile on your face. aw, jos, 19 months. that is long enough to see through clearer windows. congratulations most sincerely.

    what i see next is also not the bees. it is something precious and preoccupying and just over the moon lovely loving that you have offered to your stepdad john

    okay, now the bees. can you tell them apart? how do they react to you? do they ignore you? i know there is a queen, but who is everyone else? is it a monarchy?

    i love you a lot, jos. you are a star in my sky.

    and again: congrats woo too ♥

    1. It's an all female affair til later in the year KJ I'll explain more on the weekend as its a bit fiddly typing on my phone cx

  2. Congratulations on your sobriety. As for the bees, just last week I was telling the big guy I would like to try beekeeping. He laughed at me because bees tend to make me squeak, they scare me and I find them amazing. In my old house there was a hive in the garage, in the wall, and one under the driveway (in Alberta the native bees often nest underground). We all lived quite peacefully.

  3. wow! you brave old thing! i love the suit - you look wonderful!

  4. Jos, how did I miss this?! I was thinking how darling you look in your bee suit, and what a wonderful smile you have and how tiny you are! So happy to see you! I am jazzed to finally see the bees I have been hearing about! You are brave, in more ways than one. I already told you, but I am so proud of you, 19 months! Yay! Love you, xoxo

  5. I love your Chucks! I have a matching pair. Red. Wonderfully red. I'm proud of you girlfriend. Really proud. Keep moving forward. But please don't make me look at the bees. Gives me shivers.


  6. What a great post! I love Bees! When I see them, they make me smile....so industrious...so creative - is there anything better than HONEY? Here, in the States, particularly in the West, we have seen a HUGE and SCARY drop-off in the number of Bees...no one seems to be really sure why.. this year, thank goodness, I have seen more than in the past 3 years...

    I am in awe of you in your Chic Bee-Keeper ensemble!
    And yes, I am proud of you....proud for having the heart and courage to raise Bees.....and also proud that you are 19 months sober. You ARE one strong woman!

    Sending you a big hug.... and lots of love,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I adore your bee keeping outfit - you look like my Miss Em with Red Shoes. It's a delightful post, lovely

  8. We cannot keep honey bees - I am deadly allergic to them and yet I love them to bits - but we do keep Mason bees, and we clean their tubes and save their babies until Spring and since they don't sting, I have their "house" by the kitchen door, to make sure that no predator bothers them or that any wasp get into their house. They fly about me with total trust and I guess you could say the feeling is mutual.

    19 months or 19 years are just as important and I am so happy for you. Looking at life in the face may be all you really needed to discover that you have what it takes to make it another day. Best wishes in your journey, may the stars smile upon you and light your way for at least the next 19 months or years.