Happy Easter

I live very near Roche Court Sculpture Park. It's free to get in, can you believe that? Not only is it free but sometimes in the autumn there are so many apples gathered in from their orchard that they leave a wheelbarrow of "help yourselves" by the entrance.

I love going there and walking. Thinking. Looking. Breathing. I love going there because it's something I do for me. I don't pretend to know a lot about art, but I appreciate that there are people who enrich our lives by making things for us to look at. There are times when the emotional impact of such works takes a while to filter through the noise caused by the everyday business of living, so I like to take my time and wander at a leisurely pace.

Sometimes I take my nephews there to run. I don't think there is any better way to get children to understand how important art is than to make it the backdrop against which their memories can play out. Art does not need to force it's way into our focus. It does not need a fanfare announcing it's worth, instead it can catch you unawares in a moment of wonderment. To me that is the essence of appreciation.

I like Barry Flannigan because of his sense of fun. His series of hare sculptures have all got that light sense of the joy there is in just being. I like that. I really like the works of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore too but sometimes I can't tell which is which because there seems to be a crossover somewhere along the line in their individual styles. Maybe I'm being dense though because side by side they do look very distinctive.

Antony Gormley does all the bronze men that from a distance look so real. It is their stillness that gives them away. As you approach you see how ridiculous it was to ever be fooled into thinking they're real. Sometimes I think the joke of that is so funny that I laugh out loud. As I said, I don't pretend to understand art I just enjoy it.

I just popped by to wish you all a Happy Easter and then I thought of the sculpture park and how I'd like to visit there again soon. Lucky I have tomorrow off work. I hope you are having a restful or happily busy weekend.


  1. And a Happy Easter to you as well Jos. The park looks lovely. Yesterday my (not sure what to call him yet, live in lover, boyfriend, significant other?) and I spent an hour and half wandering along the river. There is still some snow but you can see spring is ready to burst forth, even the dead looking trees, if you look closely the buds are full to bursting.

  2. My dearest Jos, a very Happy Easter to you. I wish I could join you for that walk since it is something that the doctors may not have ordered but that I know I would enjoy tremendously.

    I am with you about having art in children's life. Not imposed, but shared. Revealing to them the joys of discovery, peeling that magic onion of imagination for them, circle by circle of understanding and enjoying what the mind can bring into be. Your nephews are very fortunate to have you as a guide and a playing mate.

    Thank you again for the lovely sentiment you left on the Moon. The feeling is mutual and returned with gratitude. Take care of yourself, I am delighted we have the chance to share our thoughts.

    Hugs from here this a grey Sunday.

    PS: About those scones :)

    The metallic taste usually comes from the combination of baking powder and baking soda. At times one or the other or both have gone a bit long on the tooth and although not quite expired but close enough to have began a fast form of what I call "metal implosion" and that is perhaps the taste we are talking about. Too, check your oven to make sure it is the right temperature. It is known to happen, as I am sure you know, that a few degrees difference from the recommended temperature can precipitate a chemical reaction before the entire mass is settled and so that could be another reason. (What an unromantic way of talking about some sweets!)

    Aren't scones the most delightful little cakes ever?
    So comforting with a good cup of tea and a book. Or a long conversation with a good friend.

  3. jos, those are the happiest rabbits i have ever ever seen. they fill me with mirth!!!!!!!!!!

    no surprise that you know how to play with kids. happy easter to you too. it's nice to see you here today ♥


  4. What a lovely way to treat yourself - wandering thru a beautiful park filled with art. And I think you are right about letting kids interact with art as part of their normal flow of life, it'll make more of an impact that way.

    Happy Easter Sunday

  5. I love you dear Jos, and you understand art perfectly! Glad you have the day to walk in this wonderful park, wish I was there. Love the hares and Henry Moore's work makes me cry (in a good way :-). Happy Easter! xoxo

  6. Love that sculpture. It reminds me of a long anticipated reunion...like when I cross the pond and actually see you! I hope you had a lovely Easter Jos! I love you Citrus. You are learning so much, yes?

  7. Stopping by to wish you a Happy May Day, filled with sunshine and maybe some muguet? I left some for you at the Moon since it is an old family tradition I truly wanted to share. Much love from here.