April Fool

I made my own April Fools joke this year. I woke up thinking it's a work day and it's Sunday instead. Hurrah!!! I get to play outside today as I'm off to my sisters for a barbeque lunch. It is sunny and expected to be about 12 degrees today so perfect conditions for running the boys ragged (and myself too).

Kath and her husband have just bought a caravan so of course I am required to go and admire it which I am happy to do. Which reminds me, I must check Trev's car to see if "we" have a tow bar. One of the great things about me and my sister is that we share. I mean really share. What's mine is hers, and even though she has lots more useful stuff than I do, I seem to hold my own in the balance of things by spending time with the boys which frees her up to do all those things that are impossible to do with kids in tow. Tonight for example I am very likely to be seconded into the "sleeping in the caravan expedition team" with the boys. This means that she and her husband can slip out and go for dinner somewhere nice. Double Hurrah!!! I hope it isn't tooo cold brrrrr.

I was going to post about other more serious stuff but I think I'll just get on with doing things instead. Every lunchtime at work I try to slip out for a 20 minute walk. I walk past the most beautiful quince tree which is in blossom right now. It's stunning but every photo I've taken just doesn't do it justice (I am an inept photographer for sure). I found this image on google and it's pretty darn near perfect.

Happy April Fools Day to you. xx Jos


  1. how lovely to see you back here jos! i've been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you are. if you can face a visit from me and dave at some point let me know.

  2. I woke up to snow this morning. April Fool's day from mother nature. Have a lovely time with your nephews.

  3. And to you, my dear. I miss having little ones around to play hooky from being an adult - or in my case a pretend one. I cannot begin to tell how happy I am to see you here as well as "there".

    I often wonder why is it that some people can read us so truly that there is a bond as invisible as we may be standing next to each other before we know who we are. Enjoy your time with your nephews, time although as Karen says and I believe as well, is not linear but it has a way of being a trickster, and while we think about how to spend it it may get away without us noticing it.

    Much love, my dear, all the way across the water.

  4. Jos, What a nice surprise to have a post from you.
    You sound so happy and I am glad. I hope that you had a wonderful time at your sisters with the boys.
    They are lucky to have an auntie like you.
    I woke up a few weeks ago and thought it was a work day and realized it was Sunday, don't you just love it when that happens. Love you dear one. xoxo

  5. jos! it's me, emily! we have a logo!

    come! quick!

    emily rabbit