Thoughts from the Quietude

We build such strong fortifications within us
little knowing that efforts thus expended
must be paid for in perpetuity
or that the walls
however thick and well made will crumble
built as they are on the sands of time

What price would you be willing to pay
in order never to have to experience pain
can your imagination even begin to fathom
a lifeless life such as this
is it not pain that teaches me joy
or loss that reminds me to love

I travelled to an island paradise
far from the humdrum worries of my life
I awoke with the dawn and cried to see the sun
such exquisite beauty there is in the world
I watched as the sky flamed at sunset
and wept to see the moon rise in its serenity

Each day I inched nearer to an unspoken wisdom
the nature of which I could not even guess
but I awoke, I awoke
and in doing so I became even more acutely aware
of the yearning within me to understand
that which is hidden in plain view

Always I strive to see what cannot be seen
are we alone amongst the universe and beyond
in seeking meaning and purpose
surely no such efforts are expended by inanimates
nor in the beings that share this mortal plane
I seem uniquely ill equipped for such wonderment

It got me thinking of the fortifications within
and the Law of Unintended Consequences
what if these are the source of the problem
the cause of an emotionally induced blindness
despite my best intentions to do otherwise
I have not yet dismantled my earlier handiwork

I travelled home from my trip to the island
trying in vain to carry this knowledge
but as with the quietude it swiftly deserted me
and with it flew my uncertain certainty
sense seemed senseless in my everydayness
a solitary splash of colour amongst the greyness

But in my mind ...
I sometimes walk the beaches of that island
and know peace


  1. Jos, this is beautiful. I think we can all relate to these feelings. It is what life is. I keep coming back round to this one fact. Everything is perfect just as it is :-).
    Love you.xoxo

  2. despite my best intentions to do otherwise
    I have not yet dismantled my earlier handiwork

    Ahhh, your best work yet (for me. for how I connected and how beautifully written and saturated it is)

    You are so talented in so many wonderful ways. Poems AND tea cozies? The many many wonders of you. More peace Citrus. I wish you more and more peace.

    Love you!

  3. I especially like the last lines.....

    lovely, wonderful poem Jos....

  4. Thank you dear friend, your comments are so insightful and calming. thank you

  5. It is so good to "see" you. I must say that this bit of writing is enough to get one thinking very deeply.
    At least it does me. I long for some quietude, for much silence and less drama, never invited by me into my life but it seems to have a way to sneak into my hard to find peaceful spaces and like a child without a nap and in bad need of one, claims my attention as a birthright.

    I hope you are finding everything that is good and peaceful this new year. Come often please, it is always a nice feeling to hear from you. Hugs from here.

  6. Where are you? I am here. I was given the go to get up but with so many caveats that maybe staying in bed could have been easier - but not as much fun :)
    I got up and baked brioche and all of it, the going downstairs and baking and the result, were truly good.

    I hope your comings and goings are good as well. Actually, better than good. Splendid will do for now.

    Take care of yourself, and when you feel like doing so, come and tell me what are you up to. Hugs from across the water.

  7. Can I walk that beach with you? This is simply perfect. I have missed you! Going to catch up... xo hugs.