How I Am Rescuing Myself

I've decided to continue along this path.
This year my resolutions are to;

Dwell in the present moment
Act with kindness
Practise acceptance
Exercise compassion
Be honest and gentle with myself
Embrace uncertainty
Befriend my sacred self

These are my resolutions for 2012 and quite possibly beyond.
Happy New Year Everyone.


  1. Happy New Year. With these resolutions we will do well. I like them. I will work on these things too.

  2. Fabulous resolutions, Jos. We should all adopt these every single day. Happy New Year! xo

  3. Happy New Year lovely Jos, those look like very sound resolutions. xxx

  4. Sounds good. Perhaps I should give them a try. Take care.

  5. worthy and willful and why not?!

    good jos, awww, i have to follow you , afterall.


  6. Those are wonderful sentiments - great resolutions. Great way to start the new year

  7. Yay! Blogger is letting me comment :-).
    These are not resolutions, they are a way of life and you are on the right path dear Jos.
    I love you.xoxo

  8. That's a tall order Citrus. Perhaps you should add

    Give myself a break
    Tackle one thing at a time

    : )

    Or maybe I'm just projecting my own long list of things to fix in myself. I made no resolutions. I've broken enough promises this yer that I certainly don't want to start the new year with more! My son resolved to stop smoking. He had a cigarette in his hand by Jan 4! I sound so cynical don't I? Okay, I resolve to be less cynical. How's that? I do hope to have a more settled spirit by the time I'm 50. I've got less than 4 months. Hmmmm. Don't know but I will give it a "general whirl". : )

    Love you Citrus

  9. Let Go, Hi. Let's work on them together OK?

    Ah Marion, so lovely to see you. Happy New Year. Big hug xx

    Fiendy dahlink. Let's get together soon OK?

    Debs just want to send you a hug ... and let you know I am taking my tree down tonight. You must be such a tidy bunny to take it down and reclaim your space so soon after Christmas ... I on the other hand am a lazy slob ... notice that none of my resolutions address this hee hee.

    KJ, never under-estimate the power of kindness. Who was it that taught me that? Oh yes ... YOU. We will walk together as ever I think.

    Mim, HNY!!! I figure I might as well try to make a good start. We can but try eh?

    Annie, you are right. Always. I love you too.

    And my sparkling eyed Annie too. My cynical heart would agree with yours but I have to try Annie you know? If I stay on the old path I will always get what I got. Changing is bloody hard though. If I have to choose one I will choose compassion. It encompasses everything else in it's own way, including giving myself a break. Love you too Annie. xxx

  10. i wish we didn't have an ocean between us...