The fluttering of wings

I've been thinking again of angels
infinity whispering thoughts in my ear
it started in the breeze of late summer gone
we'd gathered to celebrate 80 years of life
with our much loved father and step-father
grandfather and great-grandfather
a man of many lines of his own account

He'd written verse to mark the special day
referring in it to the imminence of parting
his fear and sadness in that contemplation
were clear in his face and heard in his tremble
it moved my heart deeply to think on it
resolved me more than ever to listen carefully
to make good the time we have in the present

My mother too has started giving things away
small items but significant in meaning
this is not something generally of her nature
being a woman from whom much has been taken
she tallies her gifts and rights carefully
neglecting to nurture her spirit she locks her heart
still, I hope that my love will find it's way home

So it seems that they are both in their own way
preparing now for final departure
how heavy my heart is at the prospect
so go my thoughts down the shadowy track
how will life trundle on when I am an orphan
I can almost hear the fluttering of wings
as ageless angels start to gather 'round


  1. My mother is getting close to the end of her life as well. I can hear the fluttering of angel's wings, as you so beautifully put it.

  2. Hi Jos, so wonderful to know where the painting is going. Thank you so much.
    Loads of love!

  3. Jos, such a poignant time in your life, my friend. Having lost both parents at an early age, all I can say is to treasure each and every minute you are with them.... I am sure they know what a special girl they have...someone who has a huge, loving heart and fearless as she steps out into the world (real and blogging) and looks ahead with clarity and strength.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Jos, this is beautiful. We all have to face this sooner or later don't we? My father passed over 12 years ago, but my mom won't be here much longer I fear, though they could surprise us yet!
    One day at a time. Love you. xoxo

  5. quite a difficult place to be. and we all get there. facing our own mortality. i guess the only thing we can do is make peace, and enjoy every single second we have available to us...

  6. Beautiful writing, Jos.

    It is a difficult thing to fathom, isn't it? Preparing to dye. As though anyone might be prepared. And yet, those around us do the business as though they were building a nest. I am left to wonder, nesting into what?