I will be heard

There are too many things I do not understand
like why you say this when you actually mean that
and why it is that you act one way just for now
but quite another when all that has changed
is the name of the day or the people present

If you and I can not be real when we are alone
then what is the point in carrying on with this
and what is it that we should call this anyway
does marriage encompass or does it just constrain
am I stopping you from doing what it is you want

When will it be that my needs get a fair hearing
or is it that they just don't bear comparing
with the almighty weight of the burdens you carry
whereas I obviously trip through life as if it were
nothing more serious than a gentle stroll in the park

You mistake my attempts to minimise complexity
as the ravings of a completely niaive simpleton
and yet you have to know that I am anything but
or are you in truth actually trying to imply
that your taste in life companion runs that way

Because if that be the case I have bad news for you
for I will no longer be this acquiescent person
that agrees with the disagreeable to keep the peace
and your filthy temper is not going to quell me
I will be heard long after you've stopped listening


  1. Jos, this sounds serious, this is serious. I am glad that you will be heard, you should be, you deserve to be happy. Love and hugs darling one.xoxo

  2. jeez, you could be me, i could be you...

  3. My therapist told me that within general gender roles, men impart information. Women emotion. Somewhere in the middle is the whole truth. She also said that you have to tell men specifically what you need...out loud and in color. Referencing, intimating, alluding to...don't work. Damn, but it's all so hard sometimes.

    Good for you Jos. We are both opening our mouths and howling. I'm always here for you, when you get hoarse.

    Love you Citrus!

  4. You are right on this one..Words run true.

  5. i love the strength in this narrative poem. this is a woman who has found her voice and will hold on to it no matter what the future brings.

    i'm wishing to talk to you face to face ♥

    stay clear. you and wine and words: i hope you both keep howling until you know whether the howls are worth it.


  6. Sounds familiar.

  7. Oh yes. Among women to be heard loud and clear when speaking the silence is neither a science nor a craft. A woman knows the sounds of silence at heart, that language that leaves very little room for interpretation. Just as profound and valuable is the power of a word, even just one when we need to say all the things that the heart carries at its own expense.

    No need to shout, no need to be loud, the password is: truthful. Those who refuse the truth are not worth the time we may be willing to spend speaking the silence to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Thank you for being "there" through my dark times of late. Slowly coming about I am getting up every day and visiting my favorite blogs. I hope you are well and warm. I can hear the sounds of Spring under the ground. Can you?

  8. Jos, Hi sweetie, coming back here as I sent an email and I am not sure they are getting through. I am sending your etsy stuff today, if the post office is open. We have no oil or heat and many places are closed, but that is my plan.
    Thank you so much for your love and continued support. I wish we could talk, soon I hope.xoxo

  9. (can I print this out for my husband - who is in a cranky crazy mood/state of mind)

    I love it.