Note to self

Small steps are not necessarily baby steps

they are in some ways a measure of wisdom

an acknowledgement that needs need balance

and patience is not the same as doing nothing

Ah but waiting is just so hard don't you find?

it grates and creates such inner tension

why Why WHY ... oh why can't I just ...?

Patience is thus my deliberate act

an allowing for time and space

a letting in of the light of understanding

underpinned by my reluctant acceptance

that fate will unfurl it's flags of meaning

if I care to learn this new form of semaphore

a task in itself to be going on with I suppose.


  1. i like your thinking here. i too, have a problem with patience... you've given me some insight here, thank you!

  2. Ah jos, the ability to be still, even while traveling...

    Do you find that you've discovered your own company? That is a huge piece of my 'rehabilitation ': I can feel at peace more often because I have myself.

    Such a wise poem , this is.

    Such a nice morning for me to wake up to: this.

    Love love

    1. Hiya KJ, yes I am more comfortable in my own company than I used to be. I've been a loner for a long time ... often unhappily so. Nowadays I am less of a loner and thus enjoy my alone time all the more. Love love .... yes I like that! Love love xx Jos

  3. I love the first line, " small steps are not baby steps". I love that!

  4. Jos, Somehow I missed this wonderful post. So beautifully written and felt. I love you dear Jos.I hope your mum is doing okay. xoxo

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