The sky is not falling in ...

I love the story of Chicken Licken (sometimes called Chicken Little). At the beginning of the story an acorn falls on her head. She looks up and all she can see is the sky. Now being a somewhat scientifically minded, and literal rather than lateral thinking kind of chicken, Licken concludes that the sky is falling in. So she sets off to warn the king.

It's so tempting to hide behind verse. One of the reasons I started writing verse in the first place is because there are so many things I am not brave enough to talk about. So instead I say it in a roundabout fashion. But not today.

I guess Licken decided the sky was falling in because she couldn't think of any other explanation for the knock to her head. She'd looked upwards, but not down or around. She just didn't gather enough evidence to adequately support her hypothesis.

Even so, you have to give Licken some credit here ... despite her mistaken conclusions she did at least act in good faith. I have every sympathy because I too suffer from a similar kind of blinkered vision. Even so, like Licken I act in good faith most of the time despite my many regrets and mistakes.

I am humbled by the loving support and kindness you have shown towards me, particularly over the last few weeks. I am getting help. There are better ways to deal with emotional pain than drowning it out. The nature of addiction is that there are often many false dawns before the reality of a true sunrise ocurrs. However harsh the sun seems, I am determined to walk in the light.

I am not sure how my blog will evolve from this point. It may become part journal part verse, I'm not sure yet. I'm so sorry not to have been popping by to visit you all with anything like the frequency I'd like over the last little while. I will make more of an effort over the next few weeks.

xx Jos


  1. They say that things are always the darkest before the dawn... I'm sure your rooster will crow soon. Best wishes!

  2. Hi Sweetie, EVERYONE makes mistakes and has regrets. You unlike many at least admit yours.
    This is the most hopeful post you have written for a while, I am glad you are seeking help. Bravo! Sending you many hugs and much love. xoxo

  3. You hold my heart in your hands Citrus. Your blog should be whatever you need it to be. Spill blood, shine sun...I'm still here with your heart held as well.

    Much love

  4. Jos, never forget that you are loved out "here" in Blog Land... we ARE indeed, human...and we all face different "demons"....but friends alway lend a shoulder for support, an ear to listen and a heart to send love. Try to lean on us a will be surprised by how much love and support there is here for you.

    Love, Courage and Hope!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Jos
    sometimes I think Licken may have been right.
    Sometimes the sky does fall. But maybe then, the hope should be that it's about time and maybe what's beyond the sky once blue is a new gentler sky.
    jus sayin
    Take care~rick