Proof ... sort of.

William is my youngest nephew. He is 9 years and one day old today. On Saturday he was 8 years and 364 days old. Numbers are important to William. I see his point.

Besides being his birthday-eve Saturday was also St Nikolaus day. In Germany children put their shoes out by the door and during the night ‘der Nikolaus’ comes by and puts a small gift or some sweets inside for the children to find the next day. William and Oliver do not put their shoes out preferring instead to wait by the window to watch out for the big man himself. William in particular loves this visit although when it comes to meeting St Nikolaus he is understandably nervous. A large stranger in a strange get-up will have that effect on the brave-but-cautious amongst us.

Being 8 and 364 days old and still being a firm believer in both Santa Claus and St Nikolaus, has opened William up to not a little teasing from his young friends … some of whom have fallen prey to disbelief after somewhat brutal disclosures from older children. William remains adamant however and I applaud his stance. He asked me the other day if I had ever seen the “real” Santa Claus. I told him that when I was a very little girl I remember going to see Santa at a shop near my house. I told him I wasn’t sure if he was the real one or not. It’s important not to lie I guess, but equally important not to be needlessly truthful.

As with many children William is a scientist at heart. When a hypothesis is thrown into doubt what is the appropriate course of action? Well of course evidence must be attained and evaluated … and therein lies the rub. What sort of evidence will do the trick if the annual piles of presents prove insufficient in themselves?

A photo.

And there you have it. Yes it’s blurry and yes it’s indistinct. Even so. It’s proof.

P.S. I was very nervous being St Nik this year. What if I was found out? I would be witness to emotional trauma at the very least. I need not have worried. Markus (William’s Dad) being privie to The Plan took action … he turned down the resolution on his camera. Good man … where would we be without co-conspirators?

Ho ho ho.


  1. Christmas IS for the kids...

  2. Jos, This post is so sweet and dear, just like you.
    Happy Holidays to you and much love.
    Big hugs, Annie

  3. jos xo, i'm late to wish you (and william) a merry holiday but not too late to tell you that i pray and expect a good year ahead. and i think one day we may clink our glasses together. wouldn't that be the best?

    take care, my friend
    love always

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