Heaven can wait.

Yesterday John laughed.

It's not much to report is it?

Well you mightn't think so but for me laughter is a good sign on so many fronts. A sign that he is listening ... and to listen one must be present which is in itself a good sign don't you think? But more than that laughter is a sign that John is slowly making his way back to us ... trying ... doing his level best and that's all one can ever ask.

Love is powerful medicine that's for sure ... as is laughter.


  1. hugs and love to you and your tribe, dear jos.

  2. jos, gosh it is nice to hear this report about john and it is just as nice to hear from you. no doubt we'll all be here when you return to your blog but don't think you're not missed! ♥


    i just wanted to say that.

    love kj

  3. This is good. Laughing is good.

  4. Jos, darling, this is wonderful! So happy to hear this, thank you for sharing. May his and your days be full of laughter for many days to come. Love and a zillion hugs. xoxo

  5. What great news. Laughter is never weak and feeble. Remind John of that. His fear can rest. He has the power to pull your grin as well as your heart. I have missed you my sweet friend. We are on this swing called life. We to and fro. But my heart is always turned towards yours.

    ~ Annie