Journeying Back to Day One

The light fell into her eyes
so instead she looked downwards
and when music filled her ears
she blocked them off from hearing
even as tastes filled her mouth
she swallowed as if it were bile

As loving hands reached out
she turned her back and shut the door
then she drew the curtains
and in the shade she poured herself
from there into oblivion and beyond
seeking only to wash it all away

And some time passed this way
as her reality faded into grey
replaced by vivid colours of fantasy
each dancing in their crazed delight
across that dim and foggy screen
of her barely semi consciousness

The sands of time continued to flow
until one day in an uncertain dawn
came a flickering faltering realisation
of too much time having been spent
wandering in that inner wilderness
those wastelands of her imagination

And so finally she drew open the veil
poured the last of her fantasy fuel
down the drain of things past
and walked out into her garden
to find that in reality the sunlight
didn't hurt her eyes after all


  1. Jos, such a loving and understanding look at grief and how we must go so far in our own cocoon before venturing out again as a different creature. There is no way we could be unchanged. My friend Stephanie has already expressed this "knowing" when Mike passes. She will need to be alone and I will harbor her, protect her in that need until she can re-emerge with new wings, I will aid her flight until they dry.

    Love you!

  2. the healing. complete. at last. you've described the process perfectly.

  3. healing... doesn't ever hurt the eyes after all... does it.

  4. i read this as being about something else entirely and thought it was brilliant about that as well. you are a true wordsmith, jos!

  5. wow - this is something else. wonderful

  6. Mim said it-Something else-Amazing.

  7. How beautiful....and how true. I see myself living this reality at the moment and hope to find my way back into the "Garden" and the sunshine. You are quite a Poet...thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.


    ♥ Robin ♥