another debacle

You know that phrase
when you are in a hole
stop digging
well there's a problem
I can't always tell you see
that I'm in some hole

So I blithely dig down
in doing so cause hurt
not intentional
but sorrow can't undo it
and words spoken now
will ring hollow in your ears

And what words could I use
I'll only make it worse
cement impressions
add offence to hurt already felt
this hole feels pretty deep
now I realise what I've done

So I'll retire to the fringes
have another look at it
try to figure out
how intelligence and it's counter
can so blindly co-exist
making me hostage to fortune

This clumsiness of mine
gets me in too many scrapes
blundering about
shattering the silence with idiocy
before that dawning realisation
of yet another debacle

Someone once asked of me
what gift I covet most in the world
taller, richer, blue eyes
none of these things appeal
I want to be able to un-say
to undo and rewind to before

I wasn't thinking at all you see
I was just talking about me
I'd no idea of the inference
that could be put on my words
so in judging myself harshly
you feel like I'm also judging you

That's not at all what I meant
and there's that massive hole
gaping wide, waiting
where is a ladder when you need it
would it help at all to tell you
that it's very dark down here.


  1. Holy crap! Do I know you? So much of this hit me square in the jaw. For real, do I know you?

    Yes, it does help to know it's dark down there. Makes me pause and think about the other side. That's always helpful.

  2. Erin I think we all know someone given to putting their foot in their mouth! It is one of my particular gifts it seems ...