Dear Santa ...

Every year Oliver writes a list for Santa. This year he wrote William's too. Being five years of age William is just starting to read and write and jolly good he is at it too, but he is not quite up to list writing just yet. Astonishingly the two lists are virtually identical in every regard. I think perhaps Oliver is hedging his bets knowing that whatever William gets , he will be allowed to play with too ... super smart boy that one. On his own list however, Oliver added this postscript ...

"p.s. please give me an apple instead of an orange in my stocking"

Children have many valuable lessons to teach us. I have long been of this opinion and am unlikely to change it any time soon. When did we lose the knack of asking for the things we want or need? Why is it that children can do this so freely whilst we anxiously tie ourselves in knots instead?

Merry Christmas everyone. xx Jos


  1. What a precious letter! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and family, Jos. Love & Blessings!!!

  2. Why indeed? I want the creepy crawler bugmaker too! Happy Holidays my dear and wonderful friend.
    Love and hugs. XOXO

  3. Well I would like to know what a Creepy Crawler Bug Grinder is...and...uh....what will he do with them once their ground???? {{shudder}}

    Hugs Citrus. Ask away. You want lime this time?

  4. Happy Christmas to you, and thank you for extending your hand, your views and your friendship across the ether perhaps knowing, perhaps not that you would be appreciated here.
    I hope the New Year brings peace and contentment - I still believe happiness is an illusion - and I rather deal with reality.

    Here is to a new year filled with what we need and perhaps with a sprinkle of what we want.

  5. jos, how totally lovely and sweet.

    reminds me of the little girl who asked her father what he did for work.

    "I teach grownups how to draw" he said.

    his little daughter gasped.

    "you mean they forgot???!"

    how lucky we have children like oliver and william and mr. ryan and drew to teach us not to forget

    love to you jos, always
    together strong, you and i this year


  6. I'm quite good at asking for what I want, but then again I am 47 going on 8. I dropped a hint that I wanted truffles and I got them (the chocolate kind, not the things that require trained pigs to find them, although those would have been nice, too).

  7. kids can do it 'cause they have innate honesty in them. no pretense. no hidden motives. i hope your christmas was a good one dear jos!

  8. I too would like an apple instead of an orange... This is wonderful. This little bit pulled me back. So much love Jos... xo

  9. The honesty of children is a gift we can learn from. They speak their heart and don't operate with the same sensors we have come to know! Merry Christmas.

  10. i am contacting everyone from comments left on allegra's blog to let you know allegra needs us,

    thank you..

  11. i have just placed a "card of love" for allegra and barry on my blog.
    everyone is welcome to come and post a link to their post for allegra.

    a way to bring us all together in one place....with all our care.