30 Days of Truth - Day 16

Someone or something you definitely could live without.


I understand the value of lessons learnt. That in pain we learn acceptance, and that acceptance is a sacred art.

I understand that in weakness we find a new kind of strength. That we learn grace and patience. That we can look beyond the immediacy of our pain to find that joy is still possible in any given moment. That we learn to be present in our lives.

I understand that grief is followed by healing. And I understand that without darkness light has little meaning.

I could live without knowing all this. I understand that wisdom comes at a cost. I could live as a fool.


  1. Jos, I am with you on this one. However, I am having a lot of pain in my life right now, and I am learning that when I stay with it and really feel it without pushing it away, that it leaves on it's own and I feel so much better. In this life on this earth there will always be pain, so best to make friends with it :-). xoxo

  2. I hear you on this one, Jos. I've tried to make friends with Pain, but he's a mean, sneaky, wicked little bastard. I pray and it helps me to go on another day. Hang in there.

    Love & Blessings,


  3. Your words speak to me my friend.

  4. I smile deeply, Jos. Your pain is so much larger than mine. I only move my mouth.

    (as fools, won't we bang our heads? hey, we can wear hard hats!)


  5. Oh....wow....this really hurts..... I was blessed not to know pain until my Mum died twenty seven years ago..... then, my Father - 18 years ago..... but, these past two years, I have felt so much pain.... the love of my life - betraying me.....my closest friend not being there for me....yes, I now know what real pain is. Yet, I can take comfort in the knowledge that new friends come into one's life....and that means a lot. And in the end, it's what counts... we have to live NOW, from day-to-day...and go forward and trust...

    Yes, it hurts....but I am there with you to understand and send hugs and loving support!

    ♥ Robin ♥