making a start

April has just got to be my favourite month here in England
there is beauty everywhere you look, oh, and the colours
there's the freshest, the most delicate green of new leaves
just bursting from the buds of the willow tree by the river
and the quince, my word have you ever see the like of it
it's blossom petals are a colour I've no descriptive word for.

I went for a walk at lunchtime, time to get outside for a bit
time to breathe fresh air and walk thinking my thoughts
and looking, looking, there's so much to be seen by looking
and it helps when I'm trying to stay in the here and now
which besides anything else is a great way to spend a day
as spring time is when fresh starts abound all around me.

I look at colour swatches here at work as it's Friday afternoon
and skiving seems the only thing to do, a way to kick back
at the new Draconian regime of buzzers and clock watching
the colour nearest to it that I could find is called Carmine Red
so I take this colour and spread it about all over my memory
and it totally matches the beautiful flowers on the quince tree.

If I am not going to drown then I will have to learn to swim
I will have to learn to keep holding myself together regardless
well regardless of anything really, for drowning is no answer
and too many years have been wasted to that pursuit already
maybe if I keep acting whole it will make it happen some day
and I will look back and remember that I started in this way.

Well you never know do you I guess anything is worth a go
do you believe at all in the power of prayer, or is it chance
design, destiny, are deep truths contained in simple words
how simple is love, hope, faith ... as simple as fear, hurt, hate?
Somehow dark words resonate and that will have to change
If I have to choose one bright word, only one, it'll be HOPE.


  1. hugs. quince blossom is wonderful - we had one at our old house. my mountain ash tree which i planted in our new garden is full of leaf buds. mountain ash trees ward away evil spirits so i am hopeful of a year with no bother from them.

  2. I will add my hope to yours, it can only help. Here's to a year free from evil spirits. I didn't know plants had such significance in that way. Interesting.