A strange land

What do you do when the person reflected in the mirror is a stranger
when the internal dialogue within you becomes incomprehensible
so that what you once trusted is whisked out from under your feet
leaving you sinking ever deeper into the quicksand of incomprehension

What do you do when your reality seeps into some form of unreality
diminishing you in such a fundamental way that you are no longer sure
that you have the knowledge or ability to distinguish between the two
is this at long last the line that lies between sanity and something other

How long can you walk along a narrow ledge without falling off
if you only know and accept the things that lie above or on the surface
how can you ever hope to slow your descent into what lies below it
what measures can you take to ensure a soft landing at the bottom.


  1. There are no measures to ensure soft landing. That is why we must be strong. And when we are not, we grab the hand of a trusted one. They break our fall....enough...and we ask them, "Who am I?" and they take our face between their hands, remind us, and we come into ourselves again. We check the mirror and recognize the face, though grown. Another day. Another birth. Each day brings change and a new dialogue.

    I know who you are, my sweet Citrus. And I love you!

  2. :) Now i should have all the answer, because what you describe, i live that way.
    I don't have the answers, i am held though in the way wine and words describes. All i know now this moment, it has something to do with loving myself. And when the 'falling' doesn't feel good, you are ahead of me. May the pillow you will fall upon be soft, warm, fluffy and yet firm
    Katrin x