Why do you ask a blind woman to look at it this way
can you not see the unfocused look of her eye
why do you ask the deaf woman to hear you out
when listening is the last things she's capable of doing
to awaken deadened senses is next to impossible

Why do you look for understanding from a statue
is she not as immobile in thought as in deed
where a human heart might beat out it's feelings
hers is but a silent pump, although not inert
hers is a far more sinister form of stillness


  1. a blind woman can see and a deaf woman can hear but they use parts of their bodies we can't see. a statue is just a statue. i say these things not to argue with you but to give you hope.

    big hugs, Jos, and warmth.


  2. And other times we see and hear all too clearly, overwhelmingly so. Nice piece, Jos.

  3. I was just commenting on a post of Erins, that to be accepted as we are, "flaws", brokenness, scars, really be accepted and not molded to a form we do not fit, would be the greatest gift. Sometimes it is unbearable to be put to press. And so we must press harder against the force and scream our individuality, even as the vise would threaten to close.

    I love you. Hang in there.