There are reasons why
but unraveling them is not easy
hard to face the harsh realities
to see what it is, to look at it square on
to accept that this is mine
as are the results

If at the root of a lie lies no harm
but unforeseen unintended hurt
is it any more excusable
is it any more acceptable
is it any more forgivable

A child might use fantasy
truth and untruth woven together
as a defense against the indefensible
but would expect to grow out of it
not cling to and repeat this old pattern
once it's reason has long since ceased

Except accepting untruth repeatedly
creates an ability to detach
to put the unacceptable into a box
like turning a mental blind eye
so lies remain hidden but known
and duality thus becomes the norm

With sufficient time detachment
becomes the ability to ignore
those neglected internal voices
that gradually dwindle to a whisper
the smallest twinge of conscience
dissonance just faintly knocking

But we confront this duality at our peril
unless we've also learnt acceptance
not necessarily of specific acts of untruth
right and wrong remain unchanged
but of the person trying to change
hoping still for some redemption

Some hope

1 comment:

  1. Ah acceptance. And patience. Oh how much patience is required in this process of becoming, of upending ourselves to peer at the critters which scuttle in the dark beneath and run from the light of our inquisition. Soon the heat crisps the mold and the critters find new homes under musty humans with no desire to ever see what creeps beneath, at root level.