I will stand next to you
all is prepared
everything is as ready
as it can be

there is no way
to prepare for this
for saying goodbye

and there is no way
for me to prepare
to find a way
to be there
with you ... for you

I know something
about loss
not enough
not even nearly

so I will listen
and learn
open my heart
to your pain
my friend


  1. Jos-Your poetry is so close to the heart. You feel deeply and it shows. xoxo

  2. My comment on your last post didn't make it i guess. But here i get another chance. When i think of Dead, that is what gets me, i know Nothing, no matter how positively i think, there is no second chance, here in this life time.

  3. Sweetie, you know enough, to sooth the most wounded of souls. Words fail where hearts reach, and yours reaches mine, and will reach hers also, although there is no cure, for such unfathomable loss. There is only support and love, both of which you excel.

    I adore you!

  4. aw, jos. i can see that wind and words knows something i don't, and yet i read this and think how lucky this person has your love and caring. your sensitivity is exquisite.

    this leaves me knowing and not knowing. i say that as a high compliment


  5. All we can do in these times, I think, is stand together, or close by, and grant solice and understanding. Grief is a big mean locomotive that marchs through all of our lives from times to time and yet each time we are astonished and lost, and rightly so, and so all we can do is stand nearby with an open heart. Yours is a good soft heart to be near.

    Wishing softness for your friend.


  6. Oh, you are all just so lovely. I've just walked in the door from a very hard day to find these comments. It's almost like being hugged. I feel the warmth. I need it. Thank you. xx