It's that simple

Today I will talk of solace

Today I went on my bike
after a long day at work
I cycled to the playground
with my sisters' wonderful boys
I swung on the swings
I made out
that I could only swing
so high
that they could go higher
that I could not match them
how they crowed
how they healed
my heart
I love these boys
who love me
who send me off
with kisses
and hugs
and waves
from the window
I love them
they love me
it's that simple


  1. Jos, I am so happy you had a time with the boys, Swinging is good for the soul too. xoxo

  2. It's a natural power of regeneration to be around children, and yes, too, to swing. And did you jump off? That's always good for a laugh and a feeling of freedom.


  3. Yes! it is that simple.
    Maybe it's not that the hurt will ever go, but Joy, Love it just gets bigger, higher as high as we can go.

  4. yup. that's it.

    thinking of you with unlimited love, jos.

  5. wonderful poems here Jos - I have just read and re-read the last few, love them all especially the latest ones.

    but to all of!

  6. I can picture you... there on the swing. It is so very healing. It is that simple.

  7. Swinging is indeed good for the heart & soul. And of course Erin, it is essential to jump off! ... if only to set off another round of giggles as I make a complete hash of it and end up in a mudddle on the ground.

    There is something uniquely surreal about receiving jumping advice from a four year old who explains it with all of the earnest intensity of any really outstanding teacher. Lucky auntie ... even is she is a pretty shonky on the jumping front. xx Jos

  8. Small little fingers hold tight to our big paws! Simple - yet powerful. I used to love to swing. I find now that I get a little sick to my stomach. Another failing of old age I suppose. No matter, I keep attacking the swing as if I can change that course, and perhpas I can. Love you my sweet orange girl!

  9. Jos, first, I must tell you how THRILLED I am that you are "dipping your toes" in to the world of Wagner! Your Mum must be happy - I know I am.... he is NOT for everyone, but somehow, I think you may be pulled into his amazing musical world.

    The poems are wonderful - as is everything you write. I must share a "Swinging" adventure I had with Annie in Taos many years ago. She lives near a school where there were swings and slides - and the schoolyard was unlocked at night.... it was the year Mars was in close conjunction with, I CONVINCED her we needed to go out and swing at midnight..... we did, and to be soaring through the night sky, gazing up at the oh-so-red Mars and the blue-white Venus and the Silver Moon was one of the most magical memories I have had - ever....

    Had to share this with you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Ha! Annie is and adventurer like you Robin! I think I knew that instinctively although I have only recently come to know Annie. Her art astonishes me.

    I must learn more about planetary movements and their influence, I see a lot of people who think it has significance but I know nothing of it ... yet.

    And yes, Mum is totally excacerbated with me ... for years she has been banging on about my "plebby" and "philistine" tastes in pretty much every department. I am somewhat redeemed now thanks to your enthusiasm. Which is contagious :)
    Oh and Annie I am an orange girl today ... and most days these days (except at work as I can't bear to damage them). I carry your love with me. Thank you. xx Jos

  11. ... confused? Ha! Two different Annie's! How lucky am I to know more than one? xx