A new arrival.

I had to bust through my self-imposed holiday haitus ...
for this ...

It seems that I am now a great-auntie
OK I am already a great auntie
but that is not the same thing at all

Ah ... c'mon ... look at her face
isn't she just beautiful?
lovely Dylan Rose
welcome to our world
already I love you

xx Jos


  1. awww, another reason to love deeply!

    she is beautiful.

    happy happy life, Dylan Rose.

  2. That is one beautiful child. Good enough excuse to interupt just about anything.


  3. Those lips. Don't you just love infant lips...having touched nothing but nipple, whether silicone or flesh...so pure, so perfect...with an entire life ahead to taste. Congratulations!

    Love you Citrus!

  4. Baby fever! she is beyond beautiful and she will be a dreamer of great dreams, you can tell by the way she holds her hands already. May she live a long life, filled with good health, plenty of laughter and may all her tears be from happiness.
    And you comeback soon, I need some more poetry in my life these days.

  5. Yes, beautiful! And darling and sweet and wonderful. Congratulations! xoxo