A Moleskine

How many people do you know
where just by seeing their name
written at the top of an envelope
makes you break into a wide smile
or who write about getting excited
at the nifty pocket inside a moleskine
sent as a prize for sharing a thought

How many people do you know
that invite you to play with a rabbit
who in bunny ways is very wise
and yet is constantly getting in trouble
to the point of incarceration no less
well now I suspect not that many
people will lay claim to such fame

And yet I know many of you reading
will already be pretty well acquainted
with this uniquely special someone
keeper of Emily the Adventure-ess
who knows the value of many things
not least crying from your belly
and rolling downhill while laughing

I did nothing to deserve a moleskine
this very epitome of writers’ chic
yet here it is arrived safe and sound
opened and already starting to fill
because courage sometimes falters
at the sight of pristine empty pages
enjoyment comes in the use of a gift

Enjoyment comes in acceptance too
as freely bestowed gifts are a rich prize
and I believe that giving honours the giver
as well as the given to
what you sent meant more to me
than I have been able to convey
except to say heartfelt thanks to you KJ

... and hurray! (I know, but I had to!) xx Jos


  1. KJ is an amazing woman! Her heart is huge and we are all blesed to count her as friend. (And, well, what can I say about Emily V.V. Wabbit, that has not already bee said?)

    Enjoy your moleskin......it s the perfect gift for you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. What's a moleskin? Is that some over the pond term for journal?? Ack! I'm confused, as usual. But Jos....you deserve the whole mole! You just never think you do.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Do you mean one of those purse-size moleskin journals that come in different colors? They're awesome and oh, so soft. I like the very large ones, but as I can't decoupage on them, I pass them by.

    I had my annual trip to Wal-Mart last weekend to buy a case of composition books for 25 cents each. I decoupage them for family and friends. God Bless school supply season!! Have a blast filling your new journal!! xoxo

  4. Jos, you have a mole! Kj is so wonderful and so are you! You deserve a thousand moles. A 100 thousand, no wait, a million moles :-).
    Hugs and kisses. xoxo


  5. thank you very much.
    more later

  6. she wants to say thankyou
    in a bit of a rhyme
    she sent off that moleskine
    in a moment of time
    when what matters most
    is a shoulder and hand
    put forth by a poet
    in a not distant land.

    the poet's heart stumbles
    turning this way and that
    but integrity shields her
    from the place where she sits
    seeking connections
    that are formed bit by bit.

    she's looking for assurance
    thatq the connections are true
    And here sits her friend
    confirming they do.

    thank you dear jos. the pleasure is totally mine.


  7. Ah KJ. Doesn't every poets' heart stumble from time to time? It is in our natures.

    And it's so funny that I think that moleskine is the American word and y'all think it's the English word!!! Ha ha ha ... the pond must be wider or narrower than I thought. One way or the other.

    And I am offf for a week of camping in the wilds of Corwall. No internet, so I will catch up on my return. xx Jos

  8. How funny that I should stumble here today and find this post!
    I know KJ gives with great pleasure. I have been the recipient a time or two, and yes I smile when I see the name on the return address ;)

    What a world, this blogging thing.

    Enjoy your Moleskine Jos. I know you'll fill it with treasures!!


  9. yup...KJ ain't so bad....:)

  10. you're back!

    how was it?

  11. Jos, I see you have a new post, but when i come here there is nothing. Not sure what is up, but I love you and I am glad you are home. xoxo

  12. It warms me to see you warmed so. This drawing together of good people is such a wonderful event.

    Now, how about that camping?