Seven Years of Wisdom

I do love our celebration days
the gathering of everyone together
the colour and ceremony of it all
cake, balloons, games, family & friends
and today watching you glow
the centre of all of our attention
present opening gone in a flash
wrapping paper flying ... oo's and ah's
so often now these days
I am conscious of your wisdom
more so than you are of course
since you've so much to think about
and not that much of it wise at all
such is the nature of this age
what more could I expect
and I don't, since I remember well
the ebb and flow of thoughts and dreams
beliefs subsequently undone by events
that don't concur with your conjecture
but whilst not quite matching up
don't cause huge consternation either
such is the wisdom of seven years.
Years in which you've learnt much
and I much too alongside you
discovering through your eyes
a new kind of wonder at it all
somehow despite your young age
I sometimes think that you teach
lessons I could learn nowhere else
and what of the pillars of wisdom
gathered over these seven years.
First and foremost acceptance of love
both in the giving and in the receiving
creating certainty and a sense of safety
I love the assumption that all is well
as long as one of us is alongside
so on to the second which is trust
freely given and even in the breach
not quite so freely but still, forgiven
fallibility not a cause for derision
and on to the third, simple enjoyment
in running down a hill too fast
at spinning around until giddy
in sitting on a swinging gate chatting
in finally getting a kite off the ground
taking the training wheels off your bike
jumping from the top diving board
well ... too many other things to list
on to the fourth which is gratitude
demonstrated in a sudden hug
a handmade card or a painted picture
a grasp of the hand and a swing about
a twinkling of eyes across the room
fifth is in the seizing of the moment.
There is rarely a better time than now
in which to start having more fun
chores nearly always get done in the end
especially the ones turned into a game
there is a time for work, but also for play.
Sixth is trying even when you're not sure
how do we know without giving it a go
and how many times have I watched you
overcome some overwhelming trepidation
only to turn with that gigantic smile
that comes from such accomplishments
and finally we come on to the seventh
which is back to where we started.
I just love the way that you wonder
and are so often filled with wonder
is this not the very foundation of wisdom?
Altogether this makes you a very wise boy.

Happy Birthday Oliver. I love you. Always.


  1. Oh!!!

    Happy birthday Oliver. This tribute to you is spectacular


  2. I was thinking these same thoughts on Sunday while listening to two of my nephews, ages 5 and 3. I was thinking how much I love to talk to them. They will answer anything I ask...with complete solidarity between their heart and words. They will talk to me forever, about nothing that teaches me something...always. The will let me hug them, and raspberry their cheeks and ruffle their hair, and make up for the grown children I now have, that feel distance is necessary and too much closeness is awkward.

    I am so happy for you Jos, this special relationship with Oliver.

  3. We have so much to learn from the little ones.....thank you for this, Jos, it warmed my heart.