Is complexity compromised
by our desire to break it down
to simplify into basic concepts
in order to gain an understanding
or does it steadfastly maintain
it’s inherent nature despite us

Recently I have been thinking
about why I feel the need
to break complexity down
knowing as I do that the whole
is made up of so much more
than the sum of it’s parts

Even so the whole is too vast
and trying to encompass it
has made my brain sorely ache
both in an effort to understand
and in regret at my poor efforts
leaving me here in my ignorance

Perhaps it is better to accept
than to strive for understanding
but can we change our own nature
if questioning is deeply ingrained
is it necessary to subjugate it
fleeing instead to a form of faith

Is faith based on a fleeing from
as valid as that of a fleeing towards
does The Maker look kindly on us
in such circumstances as these
being able to see the whole as it is
in all of it’s glorious complexity

Does anything change it’s nature
under the influence of mere observation
surely only our perceptions change
as we move from one standpoint
hoping that the next will in turn yield
epiphany, revelation, perhaps even faith.


  1. jos, i read this last night. i will read it several more times and then comment again.\

    i relate. i think some things are unexplainable because they defy our own moral coding. cruelty, the absence of love is not only unthinkable it is unfathomable. you DO have a reality--your own experience--it's your truth, and no one can revise that, even when it's hard to hold on to.

    i thought i would just tell you i'll be back to comment and here i am chatting away. :)

    but i will be back

    with love

  2. Yes i too wanted to read this a few times, relating. I like the last verse; does anything change? no and yes, only our perception, which then changes everything, right?

  3. I feel certain that God does not change his nature under observation, but it does not flow the same the other way. I change my nature knowing He observes, believing it as I do. I also think there is power in the questions. There is not one that God fears, and for every question...I believe, eventually, an answer. Though surely not, in my time frame. No, surely not.